Filosofi Kehidupan dari Bangunan Bersejarah Panggung Krapyak Kota Yogyakarta


  • Ichsanudin Rasyid, Akbar Al Masjid Author


historic buildings, philosophy, krapyak stage


Cultural heritage buildings are a witness to the travel history of a country can be found in almost every large and small city throughout Indonesia. According to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 11 of 2010 concerning cultural heritage, that cultural heritage is a cultural wealth of the nation as a form of thought and behavior of human life which is important for the understanding and development of history, science, and culture in community, nation, and state life so that it needs to be preserved and managed appropriately. The city of Yogyakarta has many cultural heritage buildings, one of which is the Krapyak Stage. Krapyak stage there are philosophies of life starting the form of building up to around the krapyak stage building. Symbolically, the Krapyak Stage is the initial part of the three axis arrangements of the philosophy of sangkan paraning dumadi, namely the Krapyak-Keraton Yogyakarta-Tugu Pal Putih Stage.