Sulthanah Taj'al Alam Safiatuddin Syah: Nilai Inspirasi dan Kontribusi dalam Memimpin Kesultanan Aceh 1641-1675


  • Desy Ramadhani, Septian Teguh Wijiyanto Author


Sultanah Taj’al Alam, values, Aceh, 1641-1675


Sultanah Taj'al Alam Safiatuddin Shah was the first Sultanah (female leader) to lead or rule the Aceh Sultanate. This study aims to determine: (1) the causes of the appointment of Sultanah Taj'al Alam as Queen of the Sultanate of Aceh, (2) the role or efforts of Sultanah Taj'al Alam in developing the sultanate, (3) the exemplary values of Sulthanah Taj'al Alam.

This research used the historical research method by Kuntowijoyo which consists five stages, namely topic selection, heuristics, verification, interpretation, and historiography. The results of this study are: (1) Sultanah Taj'al Alam is the daughter of Sultan Iskandar Muda with the childhood name Putri Safia. Sultanah Taj'al Alam ruled for 34 years. (2) The role of Sultanah Taj'al Alam when ruling is the development of science, improving the position of women, and maintaining the independence of the Aceh Sultanate. (3) the exemplary values of Sultanah Taj'al Alam's leadership are anti-colonialism, devotion, prioritizing justice, prioritizing the interests of the people, and being firm in leading the Sultanate.