Budaya Brokohan Sebagai Konvensi Tradisi Jawa dan Islam Masyarakat Pacitan Jawa Timur


  • Heru Arif Pianto Dwijonagoro, Ahmad Nurcholis Dwijonagoro Author


Culture, Brokohan, Tradition


This is a form of concern and a sense of the Javanese term “handarbeni” towards Javanese culture, especially in Pacitan. Apart from that, with this article, the author hopes that he can contribute to scientific studies, especially in the cultural sciences and humanities. This is based on the observation that the fading of local culture will be eroded by foreign cultures that enter cannot be stopped. This is especially the case for the younger generation who need special assistance and guidance to better understand and develop their own local culture compared to foreign cultures. Brokohan culture, for example, is one of the traditions born from the ancestors which is currently rarely found, especially among urban communities. This Brokohan tradition philosophically contains a very urgent meaning, which is a form of gratitude to God Almighty for all forms of favors that have been given to humans.

This study uses the historical method with four steps, which include heuristics, criticism, interpretation and historiography. The results of this study indicate that the brokohan culture is one of the symbols in the life of the Javanese community which has a very high philosophical meaning and is very influential in life. This culture must be preserved because it has great benefits for the knick-knacks of human life. Even in the onslaught of a very strong current of modernization, this culture must have a special space to develop and become a local wisdom in Pacitan.