Perkembangan Pondok Pesantren Al-Anwari di Banyuwangi Tahun 1983-2021


  • Risalatur Rosida, Abdul Shomad, Miskawi Author


Al-anwari, Islamic Boarding School, Banyuwangi, 1983-2021.


Research on the Development of the Al-Anwari Islamic Boarding School in Banyuwangi in 1983-2021, which aims (1) to find out the history of the early preaching of KH. Abdul Wahid (2) to find out the history of the founding of Al-Anwari Islamic Boarding School (3) to find out the Development of Al-Anwari Islamic Boarding School in 1983-2021. This qualitative research method was used for several reasons. First, this research method is easier if the researcher is dealing with the reality. Second, this research method presents a relationship between the researcher and the informant. Third, this research method has sensitivity and can adapt to the pattern of values ââencountered (Moleong, 2002). The research methods used are as follows: (1) Historical Research aims to make a systematic and objective reconstruction of the past; (2) Descriptive Research aims to make an orderly, factual, and accurate description of the facts and characteristics of a particular population or area; (3) Developmental Research which aims to investigate the pattern and sequence of growth or change as a function of time; (4) Case or Field Research which aims to study intensively the background of the current situation and the interaction of an object's environment.